Whether you travel by land, sea, or air, you need a passport. Your passport has power. It is the key to opening the door of your dreams and possibly your purpose. To travel the world is to truly find yourself. The possibilities for your life are endless on a global scale. We always think of the world being huge, but you really have no idea how big it is until you have traveled. It will change your life, and you will discover so much about yourself you never knew. I promise. 

Even if you don't know when you will make your first international travel, I challenge you to step out on faith and get your passport. Stare at those pages inside. Let it be what inspires you and motivates you to fill up those empty pages on your passport with stamps and memories that will last a lifetime. You will never regret having a passport. You will only regret NOT having one. 

Without a passport, you cannot travel out of your country or enter a country. Each country has its own application process and cost. Click on the link to your country to apply for a passport or instructions to obtain on. 

To apply for your passport in the Unites States click here

To apply for your passport in Japan you must apply in person

To apply for your passport in South Korea you must apply in person

To apply for your passport in the United Kingdom click here

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