Every Fly Girl must carry her Bible. It is the flyest accessory she can tote with her when she travels. I will admit, at times I feel like it is weighing down my carry-on or taking up too much space preventing me from putting snacks or beauty magazines in my bag, but the truth is, there is nothing more powerful than knowing you have your sword and your shield with you at all times. You never know when you will be called to minister to someone or need a good word. We have to Bible-ready at all times.

My Bible has been my rock throughout my life, especially through my bad times. Isn't it funny how you will ALWAYS find the perfect word when you need it? I spent many days crying in my bed holding onto my Bible like a teddy bear when I first stepped out on faith, when I was in the streets, and when my little brother was murdered. My Bible brought me peace. It brought me the perfect word and I got to learn more about how sweet God is and how much He truly cares for us and our pain. We are never alone. I know no matter what you may be going through, God always has a word for you if you seek Him first before your girls or your homies, and that's real. God gives the perfect advice.

I love my Bible. Not just because it's pink, but because this Bible is designed for women. Women that have been through some sticky situations, abuse, addiction, breakups, loss, and so much more. Throughout out the word, you will find pink pages that are written to touch on subjects that women go through and how to overcome them biblically and spiritually. All my girls have this Bible; I give them out as gifts. Leave me a comment below you if you would like me to do T. D Jakes Women Thou Art Loosed bible giveaways.

If you would like to order the T. D Jakes Women Thou Art Loosed Bible shop here.

Here are a few of my favorite scriptures: 


What are you favorite scriptures? 

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