Konnichiwa! My name is Jessenia Arias, and I am your co-pilot today. Our pilot on this flight is God. Thank you for flying Flying with Purpose Airlines. Please fasten your seat belts and prepare for take off.

Since I was a young girl, I dreamed of living in Japan and traveling the world. Back then, I never thought something like this would come true. I never traveled outside of Florida besides moving here from NYC, let alone traveling across or around the world to see places like Spain, Japan, S. Korea, Hong Kong, Bali, Jamaica, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica until I took a leap of faith. I always felt that no matter how populated this world is, we all have a purpose and a small piece of land called "home" where we are destined to be.

Traveling was nothing we ever spoke about it my family. We grew up poor and struggled to make ends meet buying next day cold chicken from restaurants, banged up can goods that where half the price, eating expired bread from bakeries, lighting candles to keep the lights glowing throughout the house when the lights were cut off to carrying buckets of water to flush our toilet or drink because our water was cut off. Little did I know that my childhood struggle would prepare me to be able to live anywhere in the world with just the clothes on my back. The struggle taught me to be creative and imaginative.

I made many mistakes growing up when I wasn't in tune with my purpose or encompassed with purpose driven friends. However, God, God had a plan for my life, and He was relentless in scooping me up from the places I had no business being in, and putting me on a First Class non-stop flight to where I needed to be to fulfill His purpose for my life. He never gave up on me. He taught me that ALL things where possible to those who believe (Mark 9:23).

Prepare for landing….

Now that our flight has landed, what I want you to understand is that God makes no mistakes in your life and on your journey. You were born with purpose. You were born to live the life you dream of as long as it is in God's will. I could have given up years ago, but I always knew of God's promises, and I stayed focused on the teeny tiny dream of traveling the world I had in my heart. I knew no matter how tough life seemed, God was always there. He is my peace. He is my pilot and wherever we go we impact the world one flight at a time, one child of God a at a time.

My dream is to impact lives while being fly, fabulous, and full of purpose spreading God's love and winning souls for Christ. I also dream of finding homes for orphans across the globe and let them know that God has not forgotten them. I am adopted, and that is where my passion for foster care, orphans, and adoption comes from. See how God works things out. It took my purpose on a global level to reach more of His children.

Currently, I am living in Japan as an adoption writer, volunteering restoring hope to those affected by the tsunami and earthquake in 2011 with my church, Togura Christ Church, and telling people about God's love. I am also taking classes learning Japanese to be more effective in ministering to the beautiful people in Japan. My desire is to minister to the children in the foster care system and with young adults suffering from depression and suicide in Japan.

Thank you for flying with me on this flight. I pray that you are inspired to reach your dreams and be relentless about them. Take flight! Have faith! Fly! You have one life to live, why not be full of purpose and live out your dream. God can turn any mess into a masterpiece!

Enjoy your trip, and welcome to your destination with sunny skies, calm winds, and perfect weather to live out your dream.

Love you guys!

Jessenia Arias


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