Monday, May 4, 2015

Discover What Holds Black People Back from Traveling and How to Avoid It

Growing up it was ingrained in my mind that Black people don't travel. I believed it. It was not until I discovered Travel Noire that I realized that Black people are in fact traveling the globe and traveling to places you and I probably have never heard of or can even pronounce.

I grew up in the hoods of West Palm Beach and Miami, FL., the only traveling I ever heard of people doing was traveling a few hours to Miami for Memorial Weekend, Orlando for HBCU Florida Classics, and Daytona's Spring Break Freaknik which is pretty much non-existent today, thank you Jesus!

We were barely making it growing up. Traveling a couple hours wasn't even on our radar. My mom didn't even own a car. Traveling was just something that I was taught White and wealthy people did. It was a huge misconception that in a sense hindered me and many others in the Black and Latino community.

Two main reasons that have led me to believe growing up that Black people don't travel are:


Perhaps we can blame fear of traveling on our parents and they can blame it on theirs, but we must declare that fear will no longer have power over us. We will longer fear the challenges of leaving everything we know to travel to places we never heard of, instead we will accept the challenges and allow them to shape us into fearless people.

One thing is for sure and that is that Black people are loyal creatures to their habitat. Life can't possibly only be spent in our backyards and in theme parks. I admit when I first traveled abroad I was nervous. I was afraid I wasn't going to see people that looked like me, I was going to be discriminated against and possibly kidnapped because it happens in some places, and I was afraid that I could not communicate because I did not speak the language of the country I was visiting. That was enough to turn me off of traveling and discontinue my pursuit of seeing the world (for awhile).

Then there is the fear that friends and family put on us that haven't traveled before. I dare you tell someone in the hood that you are planning a trip to go backpacking through Asia. The first thing that will come out of their mouth is, "girl, you ain't White! That is what White people do!" Or you will run into people telling you that you might die in a plane crash or you might get kidnapped and killed. Shoot, people are getting killed in our own hood everyday, I would rather take my chances making a dream come true of conquering a country and getting killed (which would probably never happen) than getting killed in the streets with dreams that never had the chance to come into fruition.

The point is, family and friends will be so quick to add to your fear of traveling because they were too scared to live out their dreams. This should not be you, and it won't be you! You are ending the cycle of fear of traveling the world today in this moment! Don't bother telling anyone your plans of traveling until you have booked your flight and accommodations, this way no one can talk you out of it.


Black folks (NOT ALL) will blow thousands of dollars popping bottles in the club, making it rain, and shopping for designer fashions that will all depreciate in a matter of seconds to months.

Who really remembers those moments or things?

When I began traveling abroad I would share my stories or where I was headed to next with my homegirls and homies. They were so quick to say, "dannnnng you got it like that; you ballin'!" But the truth was that I would actually be spending far less traveling abroad discovering new places, getting to know ME, and creating lasting memories than many spend on frivolous things. Insane right!

What I learned is that there is a huge misconception about the cost to travel abroad. Oftentimes Black folks and non black folks think you have to be wealthy to travel. The devil is a lie! Almost everyone can travel abroad if we make it a priority! Travel Noire has opened my eyes to so many travel hacks on booking flights and accommodations to places like Brazil for $60 round trip or going on multi country excursions for under a thousand bucks! And if you follow Airfare Watchdog on Twitter you can catch some dope deals!

We all spend over thousands dollars a year on things like Starbucks coffee, restaurants, movies, shopping. Imagine if you the next time you planned on going to Starbucks you put that $5 bill you planned on spending for your latte in your travel fund? This is how travel becomes possible.

This is how people are traveling the world.

So if you find yourself having big dreams of being a globetrotter, discovering yourself, making a difference on a global level, networking with likeminded dreamers, it is time you begin to focus on making travel a priority and booking your next flight. Check out the hashtag on Instagram #travelnoire and you will see over 90,000 photos of Black people traveling the world. This can be YOU! Black people do travel! It is a FACT!

Don't let people try to talk you out of your dreams or desires. Everything is possible if you have faith, plan, and have people supporting you. Join travel networks and communities for support on social media. I encourage to be fearless! Be the little voice that is talking to you everyday to step out on faith.

Be Fly & Live on Purpose xoxo

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