Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Taipei's Modern Toilet Restaurant : Doo Doo for Dinner

I never thought I would be having dinner on a toilet in my life or eating dinner out of a toilet. Sounds insane, right! I could just hear my mom yelling at my dog for drinking out of the toilet right now. 

When I heard about Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei from my girl Mia, I just knew I had to experience eating dinner out of a toilet when I visited Taipei. No, I am not sick, I am just adventurous. LOL. I couldn't wait to take photos doing this!


Toilets! Toilets! Everywhere! It is safe to say if you have an emergency and you need to go badly there are plenty of toilets for you to choose from. But don't worry, the food won't make you have to go number two... or three.

As you walk up to Modern Toilet, you will find toilets you can use as photo ops before you enter. Do it and tag #flyingwithpurpose so I can see and laugh. As you go up the stairs to the restaurant you are greeted up and around by the sounds of flushing toilets.

Once you reach the second level where Modern Toilet is located you will see tables set up with toilets as your seat. If you have a weak stomach don't stare down at your table for too long, the doo-doo might make you change your mind about ordering. Just kidding it isn't that bad. Just keep saying to yourself it is chocolate ice cream swirl. I could hardly wait to see what my food was going to look like and what it was going to be served out of.

Mozzarella & French Fries Appetizers in Asian-Style Toilets

These chicken wings were BANGING

The mash potatoes were the best thing on this plate LOL. 

Mia and I ordered appetizers and dessert, therefore, our food presentation wasn't all the hype I expected. OKAY OKAY, I wanted a freaking toilet bowl! In order to get your food in a toilet bowl you would have to order an entree. I wasn't that hungry though. I couldn't help to stare and want to sneak a photo of everyone's toilet bowls around us. Next time I am ordering an entree so I can have my own doo-doo bowl.

I did order a soft drink which came in a urinal; that was pretty dope.

Mia also insisted we order a dessert that looked like doo-doo mountain served out of a squatting-type toilet customary to Asian countries. I was shocked when it came to our table. It was massive! Definitely too much for two girls to eat. Much of it was shaved ice though sprinkled with mini marshmallows, cereal, gummies, a scoop of ice cream drizzled with chocolate. We ate the yummy stuff on top and ditched the shaved ice.

I highly recommend you visit Modern Toilet when you visit Taipei. The food is pretty good and the service is great. It is quite humorous which makes it so much fun. The experience at themed restaurants are always unforgettable, and they make for great photos for Instagram.

Modern Toilet restaurants first opened in 2004 and are growing successfully. They can now be found in Taiwan, China, Japan, Hong Kong, and soon Malaysia. Let me know if you ever visit one.

Would you eat out of a toilet? 

What has been your favorite theme restaurants while traveling? 

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