Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Flying Tiger Copenhagen Kyoto Japan's #1 Stationary Store

If you are visiting Kyoto, Japan, I beg you to stop into Flying Tiger Copenhagen. You will not regret it. You will come back and thank me. The store is packed with two floors filled with souvenirs and treasures to decorate your bedroom, dorm room, kitchen, bathroom, desk, and even your backyard! I warn you, you better grab a basket at the front door because I can guarantee you that you will leave the store with more than you had in mind. The third floor has a playroom for the kiddos as well as a snack bar to grab a bite to eat and play some table tennis.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen stores are popping up all throughout Japan. Currently they have locations in Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo. The Osaka store had to close down twice due to running out of merchandise. That should tell you how popular this store is.

The best part about Flying Tiger is that the average price of their items are between ¥200-¥400. The least expensive item you will find is ¥100. You will find a few items that are priced between ¥1500-¥2000. Nothing  I purchased cost over ¥500. 

Popular items you can find in the store are stationary items, room decor, computer and luggage goods, and jewelry accessories.

I recommend you visit Flying Tiger on weekdays. It is almost impossible to check out all the little treasures inside due to the popularity of the store on the weekends. You are literally in a single file line on top of people as you shop, and if you miss something and want to go back....you will not be too happy with yourself. Therefore, if you see something first time around and you are not sure if you want to buy it, just pick it up anyways and decide at the register if you want to put it back. 

Fly Tip: Flying Tiger charges for shopping bags. However, they have some really cute reusable bags I don't think anyone would mind buying. The most expensive bag is ¥300. Guess what? They have FREE WIFI at the spill bar! 

Happy shopping Fly Friends! 

Have you been to a Flying Tiger store? What location? What was your favorite item you purchased? 

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