Monday, February 23, 2015

25 Ways Travel Has Changed My life Forever

I am often asked how it feels to travel the world, and my first response is, "traveling changed my life". Travel gave me purpose. It proved to me that I was in fact fearless and a rebel in the uniform society we live in. Society tries to put us in a box working 9-5's and talks us out of taking our paid vacation days all in fear that our work will pile up and others would be upset with us because we left them with our dirty work. Not only that, society makes us feel that we have to own a million unnecessary things - cars, designer bags and shoes, huge house, etc. This is where the bulk of our money goes, and that is why many people will never feel that they can financially afford to travel or discover their purpose and happiness.

I have news for you, when you die, none of that will go to the grave with you. Why not die with memories and a sense of feeling that you conquered the world and your fears? Find out who you really are outside of the world and step out on faith.

20 Ways my life has changed since traveling around the world:

1. I became fearless and faithful.

2. Although I was always independent, I learned to be a new kind of independent when I moved to a country that barely spoke English and I had to learn to take care of everything on my own. 

3. I learned to speak Japanese (currently in class).

4. I learned that no matter how lost we feel spiritually or physically we always find our way back home.

5. I no longer need the latest "anything" because everything depreciates, therefore, it is meaningless. I would rather have the minimum and appreciate what I have. Saving those extra coins will allow me to spend on memorable experiences or purchase gems from places I visit to share with my friends back home and for my future children. 

6. I learned who my real friends are and to appreciate them. We don't always have the opportunity to talk everyday or every week, but when we do link up it is like we never missed a beat!

7. I learned that LOVE speaks one language. A smile, hug, handshake or bow goes a long way around the world. Just be aware that not all countries do hugs. LOL. I still give them though!

8. I have tried foods I would have never ate if I were in the US. I always scream, "YOLO" before I take it down. It is true, we only live once. Why not try it? Those experiences make for great stories. 

9. I appreciate public transportation, something many frown upon back in the US especially if you are not from a place like NYC where it is notorious for public transportation . You know how people look at you or talk about you when you don't have a car. I enjoy walking and riding my bike. It allows me to take in God's work and creation. I also love riding trains. I always meet a new friend and have great conversations. 

10. I learned to not waste food! In Japan, we have half the size refrigerators that we would typically have a home in the US. That means I have to go to the market often, however, I don't mind the exercise and knowing that the food I have is fresh. 

11. I learned to trust God more with things that are beyond my control (ex. EARTHQUAKES)

12. I realized that the world is a lot bigger than we ever imagined which means opportunities really are endless. You don't have to be a doctor, lawyer, dentist, to be successful. Create the life you want to live. That is success!

13. I learned that money isn't everything. Experience is. 

14. I enjoy cooking and learning to cook culture inspired meals. Cooking is the gateway to ones soul and bringing together family. There is nothing like preparing a meal knowing you are nourishing someone's body and sitting together with family praying over dinner and all that we are thankful for. 

15. One of my favorite things I learned is how friendly and generous people are outside of the U.S. I have met people from all around world that have opened their doors and homes to me and have welcomed me as one of their own. 

16. My new friends I have met abroad taught me to appreciate friendships more - being on time to our dates, not canceling, listening more, and being more giving of my time. 

17. Traveling has taught me to find my inner happiness. Those that know me know I have been through an incredible amount of pain since my childhood. I could hate the world for what it has done to me if I wanted to. However, I learned that I hold the key to unlocking my happiness. Traveling has shown me the power of letting go and finding my happiness. Life is too short to be angry at people or the world. 

18. I do things that used to scare me - walking alone at night (being safe of course), traveling alone, eating alone. 

19. I would rather collect souvenirs over shoes. 

20. I learned that being alone is okay and it is better than being around people that secretly want your life, pray for your downfall, and speak negatively about you. There are seasons that we are called to be alone to help us find out who we really are and our purpose in life. 

21. Traveling has taught me to always ask myself, "is this a want or a need?"

22. I appreciate every single thing around me that God has created from humans to trees. 


24. I have always been humble, but I learned a new degree of humility when I moved abroad to a place where I had no friends. Humility has opened many doors for me. Ask what you can do for someone before asking them to do something for you. 

25. Most of all, I learned to trust God through all of my storms. I had to trust him when I was thousands of miles away from home and had no idea how I was going to make things happen when my mom was sick, when my brother was murdered, when drugs were taking over my family, when I had to make financial decisions and had to choose between this and that. I could go on. My faith carried me through each day and each year. My faith has grown from a mustard seed to the size of a continent. I take pride in that because it took a very long time to get me to where I am today. I cherish my faith and I work on keeping my faith active daily simply by asking God to expand my territory. I want to be challenged by God. I want to show him that I am fearless and faithful. I want to simply thank Him for trusting me and always flying with me ♥

How has travel changed your life? 

Be Fly & Life in Purpose xoxo

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