Saturday, December 20, 2014

Art Box Korea 아트박스 | Stationary Dream Store

Artbox Korea is literally stationary heaven! It is your one stop gift shop at an affordable price. There are many locations throughout Korea as well as the world, and they offer online shopping worldwide. 

I could go broke shopping in Artbox if left alone. Seriously, they have the cutest stationary on the planet. There is no way you can walk out of Artbox without purchasing anything. They have something for everyone - stationary, cat shaped coffee mugs, blinged out key chains, oversized sunglasses, duck lamps,  Hello Kitty vacuums, piggy coffee makers, everything!

Honestly, I went in just to check it out, and walked out with a few trinkets for myself and my fly girls back in Japan. My only regret is that I did not buy more things or the whole store! Don't you hate it when that happens? It's all good though, I will be back in November and I will rack up and do a huge haul and giveaway here.

Best part about this store besides it kawaii-ness (is that word?) is that fact that it's affordable! Just remember that things add up quickly, but it is definitely worth it to set a budget before going into the store. Had I discovered Artbox on my first day in Korea instead of my last day, I would have visited at least one more time...or maybe two.

Here are a few items I purchased...the coffee mugs are my favorite...

₩ 8500
₩ 4500 


₩ 8500



2500 each


If you don't have a Artbox in your country, they do ship world wide. Check out their website, Artbox