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Q&A| With Fly Girl Aisha Curry and the I’m Just Pretty Movement

If you haven’t heard of the I’m Just Pretty movement that is inspiring lives all across the globe I want to introduce you to Aisha Curry, life coach, author, and fly girl. Read on to find out why she is Fly with Purpose!

Hi Aisha!

FWP: Welcome back to America! I was thrilled to see you making moves in Greece.

Aisha: Thank you!!!

FWP: What makes you so fly?

Aisha: Hmmm good question,.. Well, when I think about the word FLY I think of:
First, Love, Your-Self and I have to say that this is something that I have finally learned to do and it has made my life so much better than ever before. I love me from the inside out. Loving myself has helped me be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and all around better person. I’m really a God first, family oriented person. My husband and children are my world.  I really love people, and I love getting to know people from all walks of life.

FWP: How many countries have you traveled to?

Aisha: I have lived in six different Countries and have traveled to over a dozen.

FWP: Which place has been your favorite and why?

Aisha: Gosh… I’d have to say that I have three favorites. I’ll share why.
Israel because we lived in Jerusalem, I remember praying when I was younger and telling God that I would love to see where Jesus walked and taught and I had no Idea how this prayer or dream would ever come true and it did. And, when it did it was a surreal experience for me. It was such a wonderful experience as a believer to wake up and visit places where Jesus himself had walked.  Words could never express the feeling I had when I was there.
Italy because I gave birth to my daughter there and also made some lifetime friends that have became family. The Italian Culture is so laid back, the architecture and scenery is stunning, and the food and outlets oh, my!!
Greece is my new favorite place; I find it to be very family oriented. Pretty diverse of all the foreign Counties I’ve traveled too. Great culture! The people in Greece seem to be very genuine and respectful to all mankind, and again the food!!!!!! GREAT!

FWP: What have you learned about yourself traveling and living abroad? 

Aisha: That I can truly adapt to anything.

FWP: What has been your most challenging experience overseas? 

Aisha: Personally? Probably when I gave birth abroad. No family, wives and girlfriends had left and my husband had to leave immediately on the road. I was devastated then but I survived lol.

FWP: What is the one gadget you cannot live without when you are traveling? 

Aisha: My cell phone.

FWP: If you could paint skies with your favorite lip color, what brand and color would you choose that makes you feel fly? 

Aisha: I love a red lip. It’s like my signature look lol. I would use MAC hey, sailor collection in red racer.

FWP: Living abroad can be a bit difficult to find a Christian church, have you had trouble finding any? How do you and your family receive the word of God in times that you are not able to go to church? 

Aisha: God is truly amazing there has not been a time where we haven’t met a believer that has bible studies or a church. However, my family has church on Sunday in our home as if we were in church. We play our worship music and get our praise on and then watch a live stream from our home church, or T.D. Jakes or Joel Osteen. We try to have bible study as a family or even just my husband and I together it’s what keeps us strong.

FWP: You are known as such a powerful and influential woman, tell us, what is your purpose and mission in life? 

Aisha: Thank-you! I can say that my life is not my own. The things that I have accomplished now, I had never dreamed of doing. I saw my life going in another direction but God called me to stand up and speak up and I answered the call. It was very uncomfortable at first. But, obedience is better than sacrifice, even when you don’t understand it. I am passionate about helping women trust and love themselves; I want to help people with relationship issues not just with men, but all relationships. God loves his people and I feel that it’s so important for each of us to truly learn to not only love ourselves but to unconditionally love other people.

FWP:What steps did you take to find your purpose?

Aisha: I had to stop chasing what I wanted and really seek in prayer about what God wanted for me.

FWP: How did you come up with the concept of “I’m Just Pretty” and what does it mean? 

Aisha: I’m just pretty was inspired from my first book. Pretty for a black Girl! I felt that those words were a backhanded compliment and I feel that people’s ideas and perception of beauty has been skewed. You’re either to big, too skinny, too dark, too short, to something for somebodies opinion of beauty or appealing. We as women should not adhere to backhanded compliments as flattery. We don’t need the approval of man when the bible already says we are fearfully and wonderfully made. A “pretty” girl is confidant yet humble; she knows that, she was, created by the father, strong, uplifting, and not defined by her skin tone, race, or nationality. She stands “pretty” on her own good character 
and heart.

FWP: How do you hope to inspire women with the “I’m Just Pretty movement”? 

Aisha: I just want women to love themselves for who they are; and not for what they are not!!

FWP: You are also a Life Coach and author of two books, right? Tell us about the services you provide and about your two books?

Aisha: Yes, I am. I offer one on one sessions for women who are looking to improve themselves in every area of their life. Personal, spiritual, and relationships; I also do group coaching as well upon request. I love what I do. Life Coaching involves the development of a special relationships between coach and client which, rather than looking to past we plan for the future.

In regards to my books: My first book as I mentioned is called Pretty for a black Girl!Compliment or Insult? This book is my personal story of being a black girl/women and the many different things I have experienced throughout my life as it pertains to race and colorism; I have been pushing this topic since 2009 and it seems to really be a hot topic now 5 years later. You see God does stuff on his time. My other book is The Miseducation of Love and this book is really challenging women to give up on their way and try love God’s way. It defiantly challenges you spiritually and I don’t sugar coat the truth. But, it’s all written in the love that I have to see people be blessed. I feel as long as my books, testimony, and determination has helped one person then my heart is smiling.

FWP: One last question, as we all know, we are living in one of the most challenging times. Oftentimes, being pretty and fly has the connotation and stereotype that is solely based on materialistic status to the point that we miss out on who we are destined to be and our purpose. What advice would you give women today on balancing their desires to be accepted by the world and still live out their purpose? 

Aisha: Be you GIRL!! Anything less is a waste of your time. Remember being “pretty” truly speaks from your heart and character. You don’t need to be accepted. God has given each one of us a purpose and as long as we are searching, reaching, and fulfilling it we are on the right track. And, don’t get it twisted there is nothing wrong with feeling and looking fly. Confidence is Crucial just remember it’s a difference between confidence and arrogance. You got this… Fly on “Pretty” Girl.

Aisha, it is truly has been a pleasure watching you grow in your purpose through the time we have known each other. The feedback I receive from the I’m Just Pretty movement and your book, The Mis Education of Love has really been influencing women to the point that they are really taking a personal inventory of their life and their life goals. This is what’s important to the live a successful life. We must be confident in the beautiful skin God has put us in as well as being connected with positive people and relationships. I thank you for being the perfect model of being Fly with Purpose. Keep inspiring the world one flight at a time. We love you girl!


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Monday, February 17, 2014

Curly Collection Bags in Japan カーリーコレクション

皆さんこんにちは。(Hello, everyone)!

[Source]: Curly Collection Store 

Have you shopped Curly Collection in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan or visit their online store before? I was gifted this beautiful Curly Collection coin purse from my sweet friend Eri Sotome whom I met for the first time in Matsumoto, Japan. Emi allowed me to pick which coin purse I wanted to keep as a gift. I chose the bronze colored coin purse because of the kawaii かわいい girl's face with her curly ponytails. Her name is Strawberry in the Curly Collection. Her hair looked a lot like mine when I put it in two curly hair buns. How could I not love Curly Collection that's has many curl inspired coin purse, totes, phones cases, apparel, and many other kawaii accessories for moms and children. What makes Curly Collection so amazing besides being so cute and trendy? Their focus is on handmade unique pieces.

Here are a few of my favorite Curly Collection pieces that you can purchase on their website. 

Curly Collection Image: Quilted Denim Pouch

Curly Collection Image: Kanoko Sequin Bag
Curly Collection Image: CURLY CURLY CURLY Sequin Bag 

I cannot wait to visit the actual Curly Collection store front store next time I am in Tokyo. If you happen to visit or have visited the Curly Collection store, please let me know about your experience and what you purchased at the Curly Collection Store.

                                                     Thank you for my beautiful Curly Collection gift Eri!

My kawaii gift from Fly Girl Eri
Hanging out with Fly Girl Eri!


Shop the Curly Collection store to view more kawaii gifts :o) 

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine’s Day in Japan バレンタインデー.

Sorry ladies, I regret to inform you if you are living in Japan and celebrating Valentines Day don’t be too upset if you do not receive chocolate, roses, a diamond necklace, or those new heels and hand bag you have been eyeing that you did not receive on Christmas. Valentine’s Day in Japan is not about ladies; it is all about the fellas.  Before you get all upset, the Japanese have designated a day for the ladies known as White Day that is celebrated on March 14th. It is a day that is exclusively celebrated in Japan. See! You still have a chance to get all those pretty glamorous items you have been wishing for by your special someone.

In Japan, women are known to be extremely shy in professing their love to the man they have feelings for or hope to date. Valentine’s Day allows women the chance to make their feelings known to the person they like, love, or want to date by giving them chocolate.

[Source] : Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi Blog

There are three types of chocolate given in Japan on Valentine’s Day:

Giri-choco: known as obligatory chocolate that is given to male co-workers or male friends whom you have no love interest in whatsoever. You give out of kindness and respect. Typically a woman would spend $1 each on chocolate for giri-choco.

Honmei-choco: is the chocolate or cookies that Japanese women go all out for to give to the man she loves, has feelings for, and hopes to date. These type of chocolates Japanese women go all out on finding the best tasting and designer chocolates. If you are familiar with Japan’s desserts and foods, everything is about presentation. In this case, women have chocolate boxes created and handpick the chocolates and designs on the chocolate that they want in their box of candy.  This is a big deal for ladies if they want to get noticed by their crush. So why is White Day so important to ladies? Here is the thing, if the man you gave homei-choco to gives you chocolate back on White Day it let’s you know that they like you too. There is no telling how much a woman will spend on a box of chocolate or cookies for her boo.  Trust me, chocolate is pretty expensive in Japan especially when it is a gift.

Tomo-choco: are they type of chocolates women give to their home girls or to their lady friends at work.

What are your plans for Valentines Day? Are you buying chocolate for that special someone hoping to get his or her attention? Post your answers in the comment box.

Don;t have a special someone for Valentine's Day? It is all good honaaaay! Do something special for yourself, and celebrate why you love yourself the way you do.

P.S Thank you for all your help Eri xoxo

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks for being my Valentine. 

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