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Valentine’s Day in Japan バレンタインデー.

Sorry ladies, I regret to inform you if you are living in Japan and celebrating Valentines Day don’t be too upset if you do not receive chocolate, roses, a diamond necklace, or those new heels and hand bag you have been eyeing that you did not receive on Christmas. Valentine’s Day in Japan is not about ladies; it is all about the fellas.  Before you get all upset, the Japanese have designated a day for the ladies known as White Day that is celebrated on March 14th. It is a day that is exclusively celebrated in Japan. See! You still have a chance to get all those pretty glamorous items you have been wishing for by your special someone.

In Japan, women are known to be extremely shy in professing their love to the man they have feelings for or hope to date. Valentine’s Day allows women the chance to make their feelings known to the person they like, love, or want to date by giving them chocolate.

[Source] : Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi Blog

There are three types of chocolate given in Japan on Valentine’s Day:

Giri-choco: known as obligatory chocolate that is given to male co-workers or male friends whom you have no love interest in whatsoever. You give out of kindness and respect. Typically a woman would spend $1 each on chocolate for giri-choco.

Honmei-choco: is the chocolate or cookies that Japanese women go all out for to give to the man she loves, has feelings for, and hopes to date. These type of chocolates Japanese women go all out on finding the best tasting and designer chocolates. If you are familiar with Japan’s desserts and foods, everything is about presentation. In this case, women have chocolate boxes created and handpick the chocolates and designs on the chocolate that they want in their box of candy.  This is a big deal for ladies if they want to get noticed by their crush. So why is White Day so important to ladies? Here is the thing, if the man you gave homei-choco to gives you chocolate back on White Day it let’s you know that they like you too. There is no telling how much a woman will spend on a box of chocolate or cookies for her boo.  Trust me, chocolate is pretty expensive in Japan especially when it is a gift.

Tomo-choco: are they type of chocolates women give to their home girls or to their lady friends at work.

What are your plans for Valentines Day? Are you buying chocolate for that special someone hoping to get his or her attention? Post your answers in the comment box.

Don;t have a special someone for Valentine's Day? It is all good honaaaay! Do something special for yourself, and celebrate why you love yourself the way you do.

P.S Thank you for all your help Eri xoxo

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks for being my Valentine. 

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