Monday, February 17, 2014

Curly Collection Bags in Japan カーリーコレクション

皆さんこんにちは。(Hello, everyone)!

[Source]: Curly Collection Store 

Have you shopped Curly Collection in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan or visit their online store before? I was gifted this beautiful Curly Collection coin purse from my sweet friend Eri Sotome whom I met for the first time in Matsumoto, Japan. Emi allowed me to pick which coin purse I wanted to keep as a gift. I chose the bronze colored coin purse because of the kawaii かわいい girl's face with her curly ponytails. Her name is Strawberry in the Curly Collection. Her hair looked a lot like mine when I put it in two curly hair buns. How could I not love Curly Collection that's has many curl inspired coin purse, totes, phones cases, apparel, and many other kawaii accessories for moms and children. What makes Curly Collection so amazing besides being so cute and trendy? Their focus is on handmade unique pieces.

Here are a few of my favorite Curly Collection pieces that you can purchase on their website. 

Curly Collection Image: Quilted Denim Pouch

Curly Collection Image: Kanoko Sequin Bag
Curly Collection Image: CURLY CURLY CURLY Sequin Bag 

I cannot wait to visit the actual Curly Collection store front store next time I am in Tokyo. If you happen to visit or have visited the Curly Collection store, please let me know about your experience and what you purchased at the Curly Collection Store.

                                                     Thank you for my beautiful Curly Collection gift Eri!

My kawaii gift from Fly Girl Eri
Hanging out with Fly Girl Eri!


Shop the Curly Collection store to view more kawaii gifts :o) 

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