Friday, January 3, 2014

Visit Seoul: N Seoul Tower, Yoido Full Gospel Church, Forever 21, H&M, and More

Thinking about visiting S. Korea? I have the perfect city for you to sightsee, shop, eat, and get your PRAISE ON…Myeondong, Seoul, S. Korea!

The first week of December I set flight on a journey to Myeondong, Seoul's fashion and beauty district and tourist spot for young people with my friend Mia Knotts

Meet Mia Knotts - Fly Girl & Prayer Partner

It was actually our first time meeting face to face. She was destined to be my travel partner, travel agent, and guide. She gets it from her grandma. Her grandma and I share the love of collecting magnets from places we visit. If only you could see her fridge. LOL. We stayed at the Seoul Royal Hotel located in the heart of Myeondong. I highly recommend it to anyone that visits and will definitely stay there again on my future visit. 

Three places you should visit in Myeondong are: 

N Seoul Tower - (singing) If you like her than you should have put a lock on it 

Mia picking out her love lock for Scootie Randall

My love lock with Jeff Parmer 

Love locks

Namsam Tower - Making my love official to Jeff Parmer 

Myeondong shopping district - Louis Vuttion, MCM,  Forever 21, H&M, Zara, American Apparel, Uniqlo,  & a plethora of beauty stores and clothing boutiques

Etude House, Myeondong

Forever 21 Myeondong [PC: Seoul Fever Blog ]

Yoido Full Gospel Church & other churches  - YFGC is the largest Christian church in the world

Yoido Full Gospel Church December 2013

Yoido Full Gospel Choir
Inside of Yoido Gospel Church after service

The Korean Baptist Convention

Myung Dong Baptist Church

After being Japan for three months consecutively,  I was desperately craving American cuisine. I had a bite or two when I went to Tokyo in November; however, I have to admit, I am greedy and I wanted more! Luckily, Myeondong is the mecca of American restaurants, along with Korean cuisine that line the streets of Myeondong, as well as independent vendors that set up around late afternoon till about 11pm. 

Places to eat in Myeondong: American cuisine - Outback Steakhouse, TGI Fridays, California Pizza Kitchen, McDonalds (can't believe they deliver), and Krispy Kreme. Korean cuisine - we ate at Cuoco and Bongchu. For more Korean spots check out Seoulistic

My next trip to Myeondong will be a 24 hours coffee shop marathon. There are coffee shops everywhere! 

Myeondong street vendors
TGI Friday's Myeondong, S. Korea 

Bongchu Jjimdako Myeondong 
Cuoco Restaurant Myeondong (Mia's dish)

 Fly Tips from Mia Madu & Yang Jae (Our Korean names): 

Jessenia Arias and Mia Knotts 

  • Exchange your money upon arrival to Seoul for lower exchange fees
  • Plan -  plan -  plan to maximize your trip experience 
  • Don't worry about renting a car, there's plenty of great transportation- subways, busses, taxi's 
  • If you are looking for a Christian church Yoido Full Gospel should be your first stop! 
  • Before booking your hotel ask about their free shuttle service to the airport
  • Check the weather before you travel. S. Korea is known for rainy summers & super cold winters 
  • Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere (stick to a Visa or Mastercard)
  • Carry around at least 100,000  (100 USD) for street vendors and trinkets  
  • NO TIPPING - it is frowned upon as if they did not do a good service

How we rate Myeondong 

Jessenia Arias - 5 ★ stars; I recommend at least 4 days to explore the city

Mia Knotts -  - 5 ★ stars; I recommend at least 5 days to explore the city 

                                            FLY WITH PURPOSE or don't fly at all

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