Tuesday, May 26, 2015

10 Foods I Cannot Wait to Eat When I Fly Back to America

As my time in Japan comes to an end and I prepare for summer break back in the US, I can't help but think of all the tastey foods that await me that I cannot get my hands on in Japan. Don't get me wrong I love my Japanese food, however, there is nothing like a big fat juicy burger or a plate of ethnic soul food. You feel me! That feeling of satisfaction where you just want to call everybody and your momma to tell them what plate you just murdered and now you have the "itis". Every summer I wait for this moment.

As I write down my packing list to go home, I am also writing my list of foods and food spots I cannot wait to eat the minute I touched down in America. The anticipation is just that serious!

In no specific order I bring you my stomach:



Yes, bacon! That thick cut, juicy, flavor-filled, clog your arteries bacon! I could eat bacon with everything and everyday. In my fives years of living in Japan, I have yet to find REAL bacon! They have "bacon", but if American bacon could talk...it would be calling Japan's bacon every name in the book from fake to poser. I am shocked that the international stores don't carry American bacon. I would pay $20 a pack if it were available. Call me crazy, but bacon should be a staple item in everyones fridge. Fortunately, we have friends that live near an American military base in Japan that can access the commissary and get us bacon a couple times a year. When my bacon arrives I have to freeze it and save it for special occasions like it is turkey on Thanksgiving.

The struggle.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Discover What Holds Black People Back from Traveling and How to Avoid It

Growing up it was ingrained in my mind that Black people don't travel. I believed it. It was not until I discovered Travel Noire that I realized that Black people are in fact traveling the globe and traveling to places you and I probably have never heard of or can even pronounce.

I grew up in the hoods of West Palm Beach and Miami, FL., the only traveling I ever heard of people doing was traveling a few hours to Miami for Memorial Weekend, Orlando for HBCU Florida Classics, and Daytona's Spring Break Freaknik which is pretty much non-existent today, thank you Jesus!

We were barely making it growing up. Traveling a couple hours wasn't even on our radar. My mom didn't even own a car. Traveling was just something that I was taught White and wealthy people did. It was a huge misconception that in a sense hindered me and many others in the Black and Latino community.

Two main reasons that have led me to believe growing up that Black people don't travel are:

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Taipei's Modern Toilet Restaurant : Doo Doo for Dinner

I never thought I would be having dinner on a toilet in my life or eating dinner out of a toilet. Sounds insane, right! I could just hear my mom yelling at my dog for drinking out of the toilet right now. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How to Find the Perfect Travel Buddy

Traveling or going on vacation with a friend for an extended period of time can be daunting. Many decisions have to be made between you and your travel buddy – who gets the window seat, who has to sleep on the top bunk, who gets to shower first (who gets all the hot water), who chooses the restaurant to dine in or place to sightsee. These menial questions can drive two people to hate each other by the end of the first night.

Monday, February 23, 2015

25 Ways Travel Has Changed My life Forever

I am often asked how it feels to travel the world, and my first response is, "traveling changed my life". Travel gave me purpose. It proved to me that I was in fact fearless and a rebel in the uniform society we live in. Society tries to put us in a box working 9-5's and talks us out of taking our paid vacation days all in fear that our work will pile up and others would be upset with us because we left them with our dirty work. Not only that, society makes us feel that we have to own a million unnecessary things - cars, designer bags and shoes, huge house, etc. This is where the bulk of our money goes, and that is why many people will never feel that they can financially afford to travel or discover their purpose and happiness.

I have news for you, when you die, none of that will go to the grave with you. Why not die with memories and a sense of feeling that you conquered the world and your fears? Find out who you really are outside of the world and step out on faith.